Good design talks to people

About me

Hi, I'm Huong. I love creating meaningful designs for people. I wander between print media and digital realm to craft a fluid user experience cross-media. Currently, I'm interested in how to utilize technology, especially augmented reality (AR) to transform the user experience of print design.
I’m currently a web and graphic designer at Kushies Baby. I hold a bachelor's degree (Summa Cum Laude) in design from York/Sheridan Design Program (YSDN) and an advanced diploma (Honorous) in graphic design from Seneca College. During my 3 years at Seneca College, I picked up skills in print design. Then I ventured into the digital realm as I started my education at YSDN. The mix of print and digital design has ingrained in me a passion to communicate consistent messages across a variety of media. I believe good design has to resonate with the target audience.

What do people think about my work?

"I've worked professionally with Huong for over a year at VX3 Exchange and VIBE105 FM. We developed dozens of creative campaigns for broadcast and digital platforms which successfully engaged audiences around culture and entertainment. During her tenure I was impressed with her attention to detail to ensure the client/customer goals are met in a timely and effective manner. I was also equally impressed with her vast range of skill and aptitude for varied mediums inclusive of print, digital, apparel and more. Huong is professional, thorough and highly talented in design, creative direction and marketing solutions. I would recommend Huong as an asset to any creative firm - her work is phenomenal."
General Manager, Vibe105 Radio Station
"Huong has shown an exceptional understanding of dynamic branding principles and consistent implementation across a variety of mediums. She became familiar with the comprehensive process involved in developing a brand identity starting with research through overall concept development and user specifications. I found her work to be exceptionally innovative and of high quality. Her projects were completed on a timely basis and showed an ability to explore a range of creative solutions. I am confident that Ms Huong Pham would be a valuable member of a professional design team."
Principal at Fraiman Design Inc.

Why I chose design?

I took my first drawing lesson at the age of 4. During my childhood, I entered many drawing competitions for children and won national and international awards. When I entered high school, I had to focus on the University Entrance exam, so I quit drawing. I got into university and chose Finance as my major. After that, my dad asked my to study in Canada. I am interested in both art and business, so I decided to study graphic design. Design allows me to use both my left brain and right brain. It's a creative field that shares common characteristics with business.

The most interesting project

I got an opportunity to design a car wrap for Vibe 105. The project was so intriguing because I've never done something like that before. After many researches and explorations, the client was happy with the outcome. I was thrilled because I managed to step out of my comfort zone.